Monday, August 8, 2011

Little Sisters

Jessica and I going on our first dune-buggy ride.

Yesterday was my little sister's birthday. It is hard to believe that she is now twenty-five with two darling children of her own. In my heart she is still just a kid. I think she will always be a kid to me, someone that I have to look after and protect.
Jessica killing me.
I have five sisters, and I love each of them very much, but Jessica was my FIRST little sister, and I think that over the years we've had more than our fair share of sister drama. Probably because we are only four years apart, and we shared a room the majority of our growing up years. Many times we were only moments away from killing each other, as depicted in this picture. I must mention that the picture doesn't lie. Jessica was usually in the better position when we fought, given her Hercules' strength. The very sad truth is that she can STILL kick my trash in almost any given situation.

Sometimes, when I listen to my daughters fight (which is all the time), it brings me back to when Jessica and I were kids, and I smile. Because deep down, buried under all that endless fighting, I know they love each other. I know that at the end of the day they are sisters and someday they will realize how priceless that relationship is.
Jessica and I nursing our baby boys.
Now days Jessica and I fight a lot less. Our four year age difference isn't noticeable and we live in different houses, which probably helps. ;) Both of us just had two baby boys, who I hope will grow up being the best of friends. Instead of fighting with each other, we fight the daily battle of being moms. And Jessica may be a mom and a wife and a daughter and a friend...but to me she will always be my little sister.


  1. Aw, so sweet! How did the cake turn out?

  2. Cole will never let me use a Hooter Hider. You are luck.

    And Siblings are great, even if you have to fight during all the years you grow up together. I am sure glad I have them.