Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ladies' Night Out

Ladies' night out. Can't live without it. Literally. It's like taking a shower or hitting a reset button on my femininity. It's the one night I don't smell like sour milk, diaper juice, and dusting spray. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for diaper juice most of the time, but this is the one night I don't have children hanging on my arms or ducking between my legs. It's just me, my ladies, and the night. And it's beautiful.
                  Tonight we hit up Texas Roadhouse. And we all ate way too much.
                                          My sister Amelia and I.
 My sister, Clarissa, and my momma. P.S. I love this photo of my mom. Rarely do I get her to be silly in front of the camera. I am keeping this for-EVER.
As you can see, this crowd is dead serious. In order to hang out with them I have to force my boobs into a brassiere that will actually keep them aloft and wear heals, because they are ALL taller and way more beautiful than I am.

I have to clarify that not all my ladies (AKA my sisters and me momma) could come tonight. Two of them, regretably couldn't come with us. In their honor, I am posting past Ladies' Night Out photos. Here's to you Brittany Ann and Jessica. We missed you girls.
 Brittany Ann with Amelia.
                       My sister Jessica and I. More of our story to come tomorrow....


  1. Wow you have a lot of sisters! And you all look so much alike! I've missed your blog! Glad you're writing again :)

  2. Love seeing updates of your family Meagan!

  3. Love your blogging! And I'm so jealous you have sisters!

  4. How fun! I live spending time with my sisters. You guys are all so cute!