Monday, March 22, 2010

Mother Nature and the Indians

So. I've been missing. At least on the internet. And there's a very good reason for that. Well, three, actually.

One, I was on the rag and decided I better use all my mental powers to get through it; two, it was my birthday and I wanted to enjoy it; and three, I've been sick with everything from throwing up to a running nose, to endless coughing (which made it hard to enjoy number two on my list of excuses without a lot of drugs.)

Well, there you have it. Three good reasons why online blogging was pushed to the back burner. Really, I am a horrific blogger, but I take comfort in the fact that no one really reads this outside my family anyway. And they already know I've been sick, been on the rag, and that it was my birthday.

Speaking of being on the rag...I remember my mom told me that a long time ago there was a group of Indians that would actually send their woman away to a different camp when Mother Nature came to call. They would leave the tribe (pack? family group?) and would go off to a special place for the week. I have thought about this idea every single month since she first told me this, which was years ago now. I don't know what the Indians really did during that time, but can you imagine leaving your home for a whole week and going to a place where you were supposed to do nothing but eat chocolate cake and rest with a bunch of other hormonal chicks? Where your husband not only took up the slack of the housework and the children, but also knew it was his duty to do so until you returned from your hiatus? The idea has always appealed to me. And really, it's for the sake of everyone else. Why should they suffer with YOUR PMS symptoms? See. Completely unselfish.

All right. Now that we have that thought out of the way, we can move on. So, I have to admit...I've fallen a little bit off the wagon during my sickness, my birthday, and Mother Nature's call. I didn't dive off or anything, but I've done some things over the past few days that I'm not proud of. The low point was the Pringles. Curse you Pringle-makers!

However, I am moving ahead and forgetting the Pringles and any other slip-ups I may have had. And for my emotional health, I'm not weighing myself today. I'm going to give myself a few days to sit my butt firmly on the wagon once again before I start looking at numbers.

BREAKFAST: Poached egg, toast, orange juice.

GYM TIME: Haven't gotten there yet...but planning on it.

Did anyone happen to catch Jamie Oliver's new show last night? Wow. Amazing. Really made you think about all the stuff we put in our mouths, in our children's mouths. Main point. Think raw ingredients when you are cooking. This processed junk is such JUNK!

I know. I'm so profound.

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  1. I did watch Jamie Oliver's new show and I couldn't agree more with him. Never done much of the pre-cooked food anyway...but you know that. I'm excited to watch this show and see all he does.
    Back on the wagon is all that matters.. keep on going!