Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's a beautiful morning... (Singing the song in my head)

LAST NIGHT'S DINNER: ONE lentil burrito, light on the cheese, stuffed with spinach. A forth a cup of fruit cocktail, three red pepper slices.

Okay, so I woke up this morning and thought something like this, "HOLY SH!T! Did I just tell the whole world yesterday how much I weigh?

And then I answered myself, "Why yes, yes you did. Idiot."

But then I got on the scale and guess what? It read 150.00. So far, I've lost three and a half pounds. Seriously, sounds great, huh? And I know exactly how it happened. One, I replaced junk food with water. Two, I didn't have seconds on dinner (very important). And three, I worked out. Hard.

However, the truth is... it's no big deal to loose three and a half pounds. Anyone can be good for a day. And quite honestly... I've been hovering between 145 to 150 for a long time. When I weigh 145, I actually get a big head about it.

So now the hard part sets in. Somehow, I have to knock down that 145 wall.

BREAKFAST: 1/2 bowl bran flakes, 1/2 a banana.

;) I'll check back later!

LUNCH: ONE lentil burrito with spinich and a 1/4 cup fruit cocktail.

SNACK: One raspberry yoplait yogurt.

DINNER: Whole wheat, blueberry pancakes, a poached egg, glass of orange juice.

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