Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some Little Facts About Me

            So I really hate those lame questionnaires that float around people's inboxes. They ask the same questions (Vanilla or Chocolate?) over and over. Who really cares if you like vanilla or chocolate or if you prefer summer to winter? Here are some facts about me... no questionnaire needed.  

1.                        I love brown sugar. Left unattended, I will eat it with a spoon and nothing else.

2.                        I am horrible at writing thank-you notes and sending out birthday cards. I’m sorry EVERYONE. Really, I am.

3.                        I am not crafty. So when my kindergartner is the spotlight student for the week and the teacher asks if I can think of an art project that I can then lead the class in, I literally start to cry.

4.                        I have a camera phobia. Whenever someone pulls out a camera, my insides writhe and I feel like I’m going to throw up. No joke. At times, I’ve managed to get a handle on this, but most of the time my pictures look something similar to this.

5.                        I am terrified of raising a boy. I do not think I am cut out for it. So far, it seems to be going well, but I have endless nightmares over how I am going to screw it up. (I tend to have nightmares about screwing up my children in general.)

6.                        I do not like candy bars. Any of them. Ever. End of story.

7.                        I’ve vowed to start waking up at five in the morning just so I can have some quiet time to myself.

8.                        I married Brad because he had no problems killing spiders, washing out trash cans, and helping me clean up after dinner.  And yes, those are the only reasons.

9.                        I refuse to watch movies about animals. The animals always get hurt and it is just too darn painful to watch.

10.                    I do the dishes right after I eat, without fail. I blame my mom.

11.                    I hate filling up the car with gas, and I avoid it as long as possible. The yellow light means I should probably start thinking about it. When I finally do fill up the car, I think, "This really isn't so bad.”

12.                    I don't need the answers. I'm okay with just asking the questions.

13.                    I watch ONE really dirty TV show. And, yes, I feel bad about it.

14.                    I love English swear words: Bloody Hell, Shite, Wanker, and especially… Arse. I think they are funny and I don’t know why.

15.                    I love to shop, but I HATE doing it alone.  

16.                    If I had a choice, I would move out of my current home and buy something like this.


  1. You can also blame me for number 2 and 5. I'll take a house like that too as long as I can hire someone to do the yard work. And all these wonderful things about you are why I love you!

  2. My kids eat flour and brown sugar all the time. Though I've never caught them using a spoon, usually it's just a pinch. :)
    I'm with you on the dishes after eating. It's just the way to do it right?

  3. Awesome to read this. I knew some of them but learned a bunch of new stuff toO! :)