Monday, August 22, 2011

PlanetBox Plug

Today is the first day of school and what is my favorite thing of the week? The PlanetBox.

I found out about these babies from my friend Rachel, who I dare say is a complete genius. For three years I have struggled getting Abbie to eat school lunch. She hates it and would come home starving. Well...that is all behind us now. Homemade luches it is. Farewell twenty minutes of extra sleep and HELLO! Zombie Mom.
They come in a laptop style bag. And you get to pick the color.

Inside there is a mesh sidewall for an icepack to keep everything cool. You can also choose which magnets you want for the windows. Abbie choose "Under The Sea."

First day of school lunch: Burrito with sour cream dipping sauce, cut up orange, sweet peas, dried blueberries and because it's the first day, a brownie. And, yes, I'm really, really proud of myself.

Click here if you want to check these out. They are a little bit pricy but made throwing a school lunch together extremely easy.


  1. THIS IS AWESOME!!! Yes, I just used all caps and multiple exclamation points. I love that little brownie. Looks like an awesome lunch. Welcome to the exclusive Zombie Mom club. You always make me laugh!

  2. my mom made me lunch all the way through senior year of high school. i appreciate all the "mom things" so much more now!! that lunch box is pretty sweet!

  3. I dont know what it is but I could seriously look at these lunches all day. I may cave and finally join the club with you and Rachel. :) How fun!!!

  4. That is a really nice box! I'm so doing something like this for my kiddos when the time comes. I think with all the little slots it makes you more inventive to. And it's true Heather's mom made her a lunch EVERY SINGLE day until she graduated. I was always jealous.

  5. With the way my kids constantly forget their lunch boxes at school there is NO way I could ever afford that...but very cool.